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17 November 2022 - 25 November 2022
Málaga, Spain
ENDR Conference on Dual-Use Technologies 2022

Can you solve any of these challenges?

In this section you can find the technology challenges published by corporations.

Participating in these challenges will allow your entity to have a one-to-one meeting opportunity and present your solution.

The challenges will facilitate the establishment of collaborations between large corporations and innovative SMEs in order to accelerate the market uptake of advanced technologies.

You are invited to request a meeting to present your solutions during the B2B meetings (Booking period: 19th September- 16th November).

Be aware that these corporations will receive numerous requests of meetings. To maximize the likelihood to get your request accepted, create a strong profile and describe as precisely as possible how your solution will face the corresponding technology challenge.

The information should be added when requesting a meeting in this textbox:

Click on the following boxes to request a meeting. You need to register and be activated.

      Cybersecurity on dynamic MultiCloud - Navantia 

      Quantum computational - Navantia

      Integration of intelligence extraction tools over network traffic sessions flows - Telefónica Tech

      Disinformation warfare and grey zone - AIRBUS Defense & Space 

      Cooperative cyber and data-centric security - AIRBUS Defense & Space   

      Cyber-attack attribution and agnostic decision-making procedures

      Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities

      Trustworthy use of AI at Incident Management Decisions

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